Aluminium Ingot

As it is a metal that cools easily and absorbs heat, it has a wide usage area in cooling industry. It is a metal used in many sectors because it is cheaper and more available than copper, easy to process and soft.

Aluminum, in general, in the production of refrigerators, in spot lighting lights, in the production of kitchen utensils, in the production of vehicles with lightness, Bicycle, Automobile engines, Aircraft, Motorcycles etc. used. In addition, aluminum, which is an important substance in industry, is a metal that we always encounter in daily life.


is one of the hardest non ferrous metal in the world and it is an powdery material in the nature with sintered process its gathering to use in the industry. Tungsten Carbide has a common usage for metal industry as saw blades, drill bits, carbide strips, lathe bits, dental drilling bits, carbide rods is  a main semi-final material for machining industry. For fasteners heading dies YG11, YG15,YG 20 carbide grades are useful.

Kindly contact us for carbide rods & strips, carbide heading die, carbide blocks, carbide shims, wire guides, circular saw blades, drawing dies, carbide roller,

We can supply other non-standard carbide products as per customer's requirements and drawings, such as button tips, coating dies, glass cutter, drawing dies, wire guide dies, steel rings etc.

Those kind of carbide tools are used for machining carbide tools and moulds as the same for even high strength steels which approachs hardness of workpiece up to 80-85 Hrc (Rockwell degree). In case of demand we have in stocks with required toolings for lathe manufacturing. Those carbide tools are much more efficient and useful with regular carbide turning inserts.

Cold forging parts

requires much more strength to form the parts according to hot forging parts, small and medium parts are manufacturing with production method of cold forging. Those parts requires to be final product with forming process by automat, knurling, gearing, stress relieving etc. Cold forging parts requires by forming with 6-7 times according to material yield strength. Those parts are manufactured by closed moulding system.

Your technical drawings of cold forging parts are mostly welcome to be supplied.

Drilling screws

are manufactured by screw manufacturers those kind of screws are used to drill any sheet material. Drilling screws forms its gear way of any kind of sheet by its own(no required any gear on the sheet) which differs by the other kind of screws. There are many kind of drilling screws so drill point dies are applicable for self drilling screws, Hex Head drilling screws, Pan head drilling screws etc.. Drilling screws are variable as many kind of according to workpiece of sheet metal. Drilling screw mostly used by home appliance manufacturers, lock manufacturers, automotive industry, air condition manufacturers as the for the other industry. Drilling screws must be assembled to sheet metal by drilling speed of 1700-2500 Rpm.

Hss plus Tin coated drill pointing dies: Those kind of dies allows around 500.000-700.000 pieces of drilling screws with low carbon chq wires.

Carbide Drill point dies allows production of approximately 2.500.000 pcs of drilling screws on low carbon chq wires.

For more details kindly contact us.

Header Punches

Hss Raw Material Options:

M2 - M35 - M42

Punches Coating Options:

Tin coated, Ticn coated Tialn coated, Plain.

Size: 12x25, 14x25, 18x25,  23x25 available in our stocks If you offer us your technical drawings custom production is allowed.

Punch Type:

DIN 912, DIN 84, DIN 963, DIN 965,  DIN 7981, DIN 7982,  DIN 7504(Drill Screws), DIN 7985, 6 lobe, Cross recessed raised countersunk head tapping screws, Chipboard Screws, Sheet Metal Screws, Combi Punches, Pozi and Ph Combi Punches, Punch Pins, tapping screws, Countersunk Screws, Panhead Screws, Cheese head screws, Cross recessed countersunk head screws, Torx punches, Micro second punches (#0 recess header punches), ANSI, DIN ve JIS norms are available in our stocks to supply our screw manufacturer partners.

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