Drilling screws

are manufactured by screw manufacturers those kind of screws are used to drill any sheet material. Drilling screws forms its gear way of any kind of sheet by its own(no required any gear on the sheet) which differs by the other kind of screws. There are many kind of drilling screws so drill point dies are applicable for self drilling screws, Hex Head drilling screws, Pan head drilling screws etc.. Drilling screws are variable as many kind of according to workpiece of sheet metal. Drilling screw mostly used by home appliance manufacturers, lock manufacturers, automotive industry, air condition manufacturers as the for the other industry. Drilling screws must be assembled to sheet metal by drilling speed of 1700-2500 Rpm.

Hss plus Tin coated drill pointing dies: Those kind of dies allows around 500.000-700.000 pieces of drilling screws with low carbon chq wires.

Carbide Drill point dies allows production of approximately 2.500.000 pcs of drilling screws on low carbon chq wires.

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